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Jesus said, "Nothing is hidden that will not be shone forth, nor is anything secret that will not be known and become evident" (Luke 8:17 my translation from the Greek).

Arise Arise by Jennifer Phillips
Trmpeting Abundance by Jennifer Phillips
Trumpeting Abundance
David's Song by Jennifer Phillips
Let the rivers clap their hands by Jennifer Phillips
A High perspective by Jennifer Phillips
The seed is in the fruit by Jennifer Phillips
Alpha and Omega by Jennifer Phillips
Feathered Stream by Jennifer Phillips
Denuded by Jennifer Phillips
You Will Know Them By Their Fruit by Jennifer Phillips
Loved never forgotten by Jennifer Phillips
Beaming in the Light One In Spirit by Jennifer Phillips
The Land by Jennifer Phillips
Even in old age I will bear you by Jennifer Phillips
Be Filled by Jennifer Phillips
Flowers will bloom in the desert by Jennifer Phillips
Rejoice in the river by Jennifer Phillips

Through the arts, the Word of God, although hidden from many, can shine forth and come to be known. The arts can be a testiment to Jesus and a prophetic tool for revealing, bringing other hidden things into the open as well (1 Corinthians 14:25 ). They are prophetic only at the point the Holy Spirit speaks through them. When the Holy Spirit isn't speaking through them, they can be likened to a blank canvas, a paint brush, a pen or an unplayed musical instrument.

Some of the first Christians believed all could prophesy and the Apostle Peter declared that what Joel had prophesied had come to pass.

"I will liberally gush [shed] my Spirit upon all flesh and they will prophesy. Your sons and your daughters your elders, will dream dreams, and youths will see visions. And even on the male servants and on the female servants, in those I days I will gush out my Spirit." (Joel 2:28, My Translation).
In saying this, Peter declared the last days had begun, and those who receive the Spirit of God can expect to prophesy. Regardless of age or situation, all can expect Jesus to speak to them and through them and not just in words.

Hourglass view For some, prophetic art means end time images of doom and gloom, but Jesus doesn't just speak or shine forth these kind of end time words and images. He shines forth love and solutions to problems as well. He tells the future before it happens, giving those who hear, the opportunity to work with Him to bring about change to the predicted future, or preparedness to meet it (Isaiah 46:10).

Commonwealth games live artist "God is Love - The seed is in the fruit," was one of the messages the Lord gave me as a live artist for the 2018 Commonwealth Games 'Lift Him Up celebration' in Australia, where I made this art work on a shopping bag.
Declaration can be a form of prophecy and prophetic art can also declare things into being.