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“The testimony/proof of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy” (Revelation 19:10, my translation from the Greek).


About Jennifer Phillips

Hourglass view Life is a wonderful gift and we have been given the ability to make choices in how we live it. I am living mine in Australia as a Christian: an author, artist, teacher, poet, songwriter, speaker, independent Stampin' Up! demonstarator, preacher, webmaster, wife and mother; empowered by Jesus, who adds to my talents as the years unfold.

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Academic Awards: Massey Scholar & Victoria Gibbons Prize

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You can buy my autobiography, which contains some of my testimonies to the mighty power of God. It contains my account of a time when I died and was brought back to life by the Word of God.

I want To Travel With You
I want To Trav...
By Jennifer Phillips
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Jennifer means a white wave. I am a white wave, a breaker, breaking forth in the hand of the Lord.

In a vision I saw God as deep, crystal clear, pure and holy water, so clean it was terrifying. As I gazed at the water, it hurt like a knife cutting, yet it was so beautiful I didn't want to stop looking. And this awesome God is the deep water supporting this white wave and causing it to break forth to terrorize and swamp the enemies of God in the spiritual realm.

In a dream I heard the words, "Water is your bread and butter."


The first name God is known by in the Bible is Elohim. Using an ancient alphabet pictogram, the meaning of Elohim could be, "The strong shepherd, behold his works [his/are/he is] water," or maybe we are to look eiher side of "Behold" and see that God is a strong leader a helper and water.

God speaks of Himself as water. "They have forsaken me, the spring of living water" (Jeremiah 2:13).
The Holy Spirit is referred to as "living water." Jesus offers this water to those who believe (John 7:37-39).
So, the Lord fills me. He is my staple diet and the basics of what I need. He is my provider.

Someone once prayed for me and as they did, I saw Jesus. He touched my brain. Love was pouring from Him and in my spirit I began to weep deeply. God is love as the scripture says and He loves all the works of His hand. You are also the work of His hand and He loves you too.