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"See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you" (Isaiah 42:9).

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Time to focus

TIME TO FOCUS ON THE FATHER 10.5.18 "Look behind you," the Holy Spirit said. I did and saw a little clock that had stopped. It had the word, "focus," on it. It reminded me of a dream one of our daughters had in which the father wanted a photo taken with his son because there wasn't much time left. It is time to focus. Let's take a closer look at our heavenly father and His realationship with His son.

"Set your mind on the things above, not on earthly things" Collosians 3:2

King of the Bush

kookaburrah I'd been thinking I'd like to take a photo of a Kookaburra. I saw one in 2008, but it was in the distance and didn't stay long enough for me to get a good shot. In August while recovering from surgery, we visited relatives in Lilly Pilly.

While there a Kookaburra came and sat on the balcony. It stayed there until I'd taken all the photos I wanted.

That night I read from my Bible about God directing Kings and nations, and knew the real king of the bush also directed birds. God was all powerful.

When I looked at the photos the following day, I noticed a sun ray, spotlighting down, touching the kookaburra's beak and it seemed to me that God was reminding me He'd been there. The light of heaven had been streaming down, spotlighting the bird I wanted to photograph. I wondered if God was about to open the door for me to speak. The surgery had made speaking difficult.

When I was well enough, I took an opportunty to speak about comfortable living sometimes being a burden, not a blessing.

A King's Chariot

In the 1980's I had a vision in which I was riding in a king's chariot and the ground beneath me was dry and barren. The Lord said to me that even though the ground was dry and barren, I would ride like a king.

In 2011, I took this photo of a red poppy at the Pool of Bethesda in Israel. When I saw the groups of dead poppies, I was encouraged.

"I haven't forgotten you," the Holy Spirit whispered.
Others too
have preceeded you
living on the edge.

I knew He hadn't and I knew lovely things can grow even in difficult places. The harsh environment can accentuate their beauty.

Don't Shrink Back

Egglike people In March 2011 I dreamt I went into a very ornately decorated church. They were having one of their regular special services for people who had bodies like fat eggs without legs. They were disabled like big babies needing helpers because they didn’t have legs or feet. I asked why they were like that. Had something happened in their past to make so many grow without legs? A father appeared and I felt myself shrink from the fierceness of his look and I thought these people had shrunk down from fear. I began helping and praying for them. I took some into my home. They were very greedy for food and I was warned that they would grab whatever they saw. No wonder they were so fat. One day as I was holding both hands of one of them in my own hands it began to beam and I saw that it had feet. Their legs could grow! If they really wanted them to grow, they would! So I told them all that their feet could grow if they wanted them too. Not long after that they were all walking like adults and I could no longer see any of the legless in the church.

Keep Your Eyes On Jesus

Armless and legless people

In September 2015 I saw a leg-less and arm-less man and women sculpture by the beach. It reminded me of the dream I'd had. The Lord spoke to me through the photo. The people here weren't hungry or fat like those in my dream. They just gazed at each other. They needed hand feeding. They would grow as they gazed at Jesus and ate. Some like me in the mirror, look at themselves too much. We all need to guard our hearts against pride or self-criticism. Let's all keep our eyes on Jesus and not oursleves or others. The blood of Jesus makes us acceptable to the Father.

Good beautiful sheperd hand feeding sheep by Jennifer Phillips
Shepherd hand-feeding sheep