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"With no vision, the people let go” (Proverbs 29:18, my translation)

November 2020 Trumpeting Abundance

Trumpeting Abundance prophetic art by Jennifer Phillips I'd made two concept sketches for an art work and called it: "The mountains drip with sweet wine." However, on the 15th November 2020, while worshiping the Lord in church, I had a vision of wine pouring from a grand cloud that went right up one side of my vision. I felt the abundance of God and realised I'd concentrated on drips of wine when the word "drips" was meant to convey abundance. After church I went to a friends place. I was telling her about the vision and saw a Bible verse on her table that said, "All the paths of the Lord drip with abundance."

The abundance wasn't in the shapes in the vision, it was the presence of His Spirit. I've experienced a similar thing before with beauty - being wowed by the beauty in a vision or dream, but knowing it wasn't in the shape of what I saw. It was the beauty of the Spirit permeating what I saw.

6/4/20 David's Song

David's Song Prophetic Art by Jennifer Phillips

I asked God what I should paint next and a vision of a mountain surrounded by/on cloud came into my mind so I sketched it. It reminded me of a vision I’d had in church of the lighthouse on clouds which speaks of the moveable nature of God leading His people in the day.

I painted pink clouds, but the paint all peeled off and I liked the shape of the mountains and the parchment colour beneath, so I used a paint colour called parchment for the clouds. It was very symbolic, because I was painting an image of a parchment to represent the Scripture that speaks of God as a mountain! I asked God what I should put in the image and as I read my daily Bible reading, the Holy Spirit mentioned, “Waterfall.”

I changed the mountain back to one peak and planned to add water coming from the rock. As I looked at what I’d done, I saw the impression of darker clouds in the sky above the mountain so I added them.

The following Sunday in church during the worship, an image of a mountain peak that curved around came into my mind, only it was facing the opposite direction from the one I'd painted. Did the Lord want me to change my painting? Then I realised, if I added it to the painting the mountain would look like it was hugging itself and show the community that is our God. So I asked the Lord if He wanted me to paint the mountain He'd just shown me.

Then a bit later during worship, I saw a cloudy mist and wondered what the Lord was saying. It was white, not parchment like in my painting and it seemed like it was in our midst. So I added white to the parchment colour.

I wasn’t sure if I should put the shadows in the middle. I did as I was thinking about the darkness surrounding God. I looked up 2 Samuel 22 and read David’s song. I realised then that lightning bolts could cause shadows to be opposite each other on a mountain.

2 Samuel 22: " He parted the heavens and came down; dark clouds were under his feet ... He made darkness a canopy around Him, a gathering of water and thick clouds."

6/4/20 Fading Names


I had a vision in which a persons name came up before me but before I could read the end of the word which seemed to be hidden, "Far..." it rolled down and faded out of my vision and the next name came up. It was, "Jo..." the same thing happened I didn’t get to read the end of the name before the next came into my vision. It was Se... they came faster and faster until they were what looked to me a jumble of letters.

Let us pray for one another and those about to face their maker.

It reminded me of the foolish virgins whom the groom could no longer see because the door had been shut. "Later, the other virgins arrived and said, 'Lord, lord, open the door for us!' But he replied, 'Truly I tell you, I do not see you.' Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour." Matthew 25:12-13

1/12/19 Water

I was woken by the splash of water from a tear. I felt it and saw an image of a veiled lady with wheat behind her. I fell asleep again and woke with the image of a water pot and the spiralling of the Spirit coming from the water pot.

wheat water jar


14/5/18 Our - embracing

Tree arms encircling On Friday when I went for a walk, the branches of a tree caught my attention. They were quivering. It looked like they were arms encircling. It was very moving. The atmosphere was electric. A lady walked past at that very moment and I pointed it out to her and took a photo, but it doesn’t capture what I sensed about it. I also saw a cloud like arms encircling and wondered what God was saying. The cloud ended up in a circle.

clouds encircling A few days later in church as we were praying “forgive us our sins,” the sun came streaming, like a bolt of light through the window onto me and suddenly I was in the Spirit. I saw my arms stretch and encircle the whole inside of the Anglican church, encircling all the people there with me as I said “our.” I’d never noticed the “our” before. I’d always been thinking of my sins, when we said, "Forgive us our sins." It was as though I was lifting myself and everyone else together as one, in an appeal to God for forgiveness, like Daniel did, when he confessed the sins of his people. Forgive us our sins. The appeal held in it forgiveness for our sins towards each other.

18/5/18 Dark Waters

Hourglass view While I was flying in the clouds, I had a vision. I saw a waterfall of very white still water in front of deep thick darkness, which was reflected in a dark pool of water. Only the waterfall, the splash of the waterfall and some vigourous waves were white in the darkness of the pool.

After the vision, I thought about it. I knew God clothed Himself in thick darkness. I didn't know there were dark waters there too, so I looked up a Bible verse I knew about God wraping Himself in darkeness. I found another verse about darkness in the Hebrew Scriptures and translated it. "He makes darkness His secret place. Round about Him His tabernacle, darkness of waters, thick clouds of the skies" (Psalm 18:11).

God was playing with me, showing me I was in Him and He was in me.

Dark Waters with waterafll

Being in the plane was like being in the Spirit (bird shape of plane, empowering me to move). Christ, the Word of life (waterfall) was flowing tinto me (My short name means a white wave and they were in a circle around the waterfall, thicker and more vigourous and wave like, than I've represented them here). While the thick clouds of the skies that surround the father, were around me in the sky.

I was in the Spirit, in the secret place of the Trinity. He gave me a vision of our intimate relationship.

Intimacy is what God desires with everyone.

11/6/18 God is Love

I went to a different church to enjoy the ministry of a visiting preacher. We were given the opportunity to pray for those who wanted prayer. I wanted prayer for my thyroid. When the lady touched my neck, I felt the muscles relax and then I was in the Spirit. Jesus was standing before me. He touched the front and sides of my brain and I saw love pouring out of Him. I could feel it going into my brain. His love was so powerful I began to weep deeply in my spirit and if he'd stayed a moment longer I would have been completely undone. I would have been on the floor kissing His feet. If my hair had been long, I would have been wiping His feet with it like Mary did. God is love, just as the Scripture says. He loves my brain! He loves all the works of His hand and we are His works.

4/5/18 - Volcano

Hourglass view While in New Zealand I had a vision of a volcano errupting. I saw billows of smoky clouds coming from it. I sketched it and told family members. I began praying for those who might live near it. A day or so later I saw on the TV news a volcano had begun errupting in Hawaii.

27/10/19 Finger of God

In a half awake state, I saw a man shaping a thin, supple branch around a pole by rubbing it over and over. I heard the words “I’ve created you for a season.”

In the evening in a church meeting I heard the Holy Spirit say, "I have my finger on you." and we sang words about being a tree.

God is a hand’s on person. He is intimately involved in shaping our lives, working it for specific tasks and special, appointed times. He has a purpose for each branch. He is intentional in His work.

Bend a branch